StereoRoyal is a Nordic boutique sync label offering a unique take on music for broadcast. Crafted by some of the
most talented artists you’ll find, our cinematic
sounds know no bounds.


STR 033

Nordic Reflections

Drama time for poignant minds. As emotional sounds continuously evolve, a gloomy journey into the unknown begins.

STR 032

Nordic Nights Drones

A pulsating desire drives from deep within. Unknown paths in the luminescent afterglow. As gloomy strings shimmer, drama awaits.

STR 031

Nordic Nights

A pulsating desire drives from deep within. Unknown paths in the luminescent afterglow. As gloomy strings shimmer, drama awaits.

STR 030

Film Noir

Dark scores move with menace. Mysterious compositions twist and turn. As the illusion fades step into the shadows.

STR 029

Ambient Dreams

Textural layers swell with atmospheric tones. Timeless soundscapes seamlessly stream. It's an infinite continuum of delicate emotion.

STR 028

Twilight Themes

Step into the unreal space in between. Demystifying sounds you only hear in your dreams. An unknown far away land, let the bright lights expand.

STR 027

Nasty Beats

A raw sonic arsenal, punching and industrial. Unpolished highs puncture deep buzzing lows. Minds are blown as the rhythms explode.

STR 026

Bittersweet Gems

A leftfield memory game with no winners. Somewhere between daydreams & midnight melancholy. Peculiar sounds playfully poke your imagination.

STR 025

Electronic Pop Waves

Pivot into the warm synthetic light. Beams of electronic shimmers harmonise with bending melodies. Hazy memories of future sounds.

STR 024

Dark Urban Drama

The relentless underlying tension is real. Darkened side streets awash with low frequency anxiety. As the beat deepens your heart stops.

STR 023

Dangerous Dub

Electronically organic riddims ride, as the laid back sound cultures bounce. This is a journey into deep echo space.

STR 022

Nordic Moments

There are nights of yearning in the Nordic noir. Cool organic auroras envelop the wilderness, feel the spreading glow of enlightenment.

STR 021

Electronic Drama

Neon reflections spontaneously cut in and out. This is a fictional moment, atmospherically looping & shifting. As the drama unfolds so the beat thickens.

STR 020

Dusky Beats

It’s eternally twilight in the street sound. Gritty broken beats are forever dropping. Bask in the slow motion echo of that nocturnal glow.

STR 019

Nordic Piano

Remote solitary melodies, skim vast emotional landscapes. Sinking & floating all at once. A stillness in time almost impossible to define.

STR 018

Cinematic Electronica

An electronic audio time-lapse of abstract journeys. Atmospheric projections play out with up close detail. Fast forward yourself to the flash frame. The end.

STR 017

Machine Beats

Mechanical rhythms driving to the beat. Industriously automating the beat of now. An electronic work force of streaming sound.

STR 016

Urban Drama

Gritty night-time urban investigations. From electronic suspense to heart pumping thrillers. These are dark and mysterious conspiracy sounds.

STR 015

Electric Dreams

Thoughtful dreamscapes envelop you, in the deepest sleep you have ever known. Electronic sounds and pictures collide right before your eyes.

STR 014

Warm Ambience

Cascading human emotions pulse. Cinematic yet reflective fluid dreams, glowing memories of all that you see.

STR 013

Slow Motion Beats

Half speed stop and go. Organic pulses flow back & forth. Beats dropping inside & out. Dreamy urban nighttime tales.

STR 012

Urban Rebirth

Broken electronic sounds now hip and hop. Knockout beats straight from downtown. Spray painted samples with an urge to move. Everybody spin and drop.

STR 011

Urban Cinematics

Super lazy bass lines optimistically groove.Cut up beats and melodies shuffle. Heavy, deep and dreamy. A city on the move.

STR 010

Urban Soul Dust

Deep metropolitan melodies, steady grooves and the never sleeping urban soul. Atmospheric electronica reflecting inner city lights.

STR 009

Street Attitudes

Punched drums emit decoded fragments of a ghetto dream. The dark side. The street beats. Raw bass lines to shake, from inside out.

STR 008

Mellow Songs

Melodic compositions make their way forward. Head nodding harmonies sit on top. Ethereal but driven. Persistent beats surge their way home.

STR 007

Mellow Moments

Sustained six string mutations. Drifting up, over, out and away. Lucid dream sequences, trapped forever, in film you'll never know.

STR 006

Crazy Quirky 8 Bit

Illuminating sweeping synths, frantic sampler systems go go go. Electronic ditties with chip & pin melodies... For those in the know.

STR 005

Groove Attack Returns

More fully loaded leftfield funk, lay back then jump up. As the styles connects, the bass of your soul boom bop bips.

STR 004

Groove Attack

Fully loaded leftfield funk, lay back then jump up. As the styles connect, the bass of your soul boom bop bips.

STR 003

Emotional Moments

Heartfelt intervals of time, slowly melt away. Touching melodies ignite all that is, was and will be.

STR 002

Twisted Cinematic Moods

Accurate audio detail, wound around 8mm sound. Characteristic state of feeling paint unknown soundscapes.

STR 001

Oddball Beatz

Deviating from the customary, throbbing, thumping and ticking. Appealingly curious rhytms, bump and surge, from beginning to end.